Dell Subsidiary VMware Released Enterprise-focused Blockchain

By Warren Hayes | December 3, 2020

VMware – a high-profile cloud computing and virtual machine company owned by Dell – has reportedly made its newly developed, enterprise-ready blockchain platform VMware available. 

Specifically, the new VMware Blockchain project will reportedly be able for utilization on a commercial level, following the testing phase carried out by the Australian Stock Exchange. 

The exchange reportedly plans to use the new platform in place of the existing CHESS system. However, the initiative was reportedly postponed until April 2023. 

Global fintech company Broadridge Financial Solutions is reportedly utilizing VMware’s tool for designing “blockchain-based solutions to transform capital market’s infrastructure”, as disclosed by the Head of DLT Repo for Broadridge, Horacio Barakat. 

He further claimed that the platform will give the firm the ability to “model and enforce multi-party agreements on a Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant platform.”

The Dell subsidiary has reportedly been giving away hints of the blockchain’s development process, starting two years ago, via its Project Concord, teasing promises of an enterprise-level platform which has the ability to facilitate secure inter-organization data sharing.

The Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol was reportedly built by VMware as part of Project Concord. The company has reportedly teamed up with Digital Asset, to finalize the incorporation of Digital Asset Modelling Language smart contracts, and is collaborating with  service partners like Accenture, Infosys and Intellect EU as well.

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