Dharma Rolled Out Function Supporting U.S. dollar payments Via Twitter Handles

By Tracy Hannes | April 23, 2020

Crypto-banking firm Dharma has reportedly rolled out a new supporting feature, facilitating the U.S. dollar payments sending process via Twitter handles, with no geographical restrictions. 

Specifically, Dharma users are reportedly able to execute Smart Wallet-enabled payments to Twitter handles, if there is still sufficient fund in their storage, with no restrictions geography-wise, or the fact that the receiver is not using a Dharma account.

The sender is reportedly required to complete a task to finalize the process, by retweeting the payment to a twitter bot, informing the recipient of the transaction via tagging them in. 

A link will be sent out to the recipient, instructing them to create a Dharma account and form a connection with their Twitter account to complete the process. 

Nonetheless, the interest of the balance will be generated via Compound even prior to when it is claimed, and applied for all deposits in Dharma accounts.

Dharma has also suggested numerous aspects its new development can support, nominally tipping of micropayments, cross-border charitable donations and accepting business payments.

Dharma, however, is not the first pioneer for this solution. Previously, Brave browser has made a Twitter tipping service available using its Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

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