Doctors Without Borders Turning to Blockchain For Medical Record Safekeeping

By Emily Rys | November 12, 2021

Blockchain-powered document security firm Transcrypts reportedly disclosed details of an alliance with Doctors Without Borders (DWB), officially starting on November 16th. 

Specifically, they have collaboratively completed the upload of 6500 immunization records to the blockchain, aiming to achieve a target of 76000 by next year. 

The majority of the recorded immunizations are COVID 19 vaccines, but the firm reportedly revealed that the ultimate target is to provide blockchain-based safekeeping for the medical records of every patient, which can be tapped into via a patient’s phone.

The nascent startup from California was reportedly established in 2020 by Zain Zaidi – who was still an electrical engineering student at San Jose State University at the time. The client portfolio of the company now includes Paychex, ADP, Zoom, Spirit Airlines, and Oracle.

Transcrypts reportedly started out as a solution dedicated to fighting against resume fraud marketed to human resources professionals, prior to widening its scope to cover landlords-centric income verification.

Now, the company claimed that it functions as a full-service documentation entity. 

The alliance formed with the DWB will be the first footprint set into medical records. 

“In India, over 700,000 people die every year from the lack of access to a patient’s medical records. A majority of these deaths could have been prevented if physicians had access to a patient’s comprehensive health care records. With this partnership, Doctors Without Borders and TransCrypts hopes to build a future where this loss of life can be mitigated.” Zaidi shared a belief that blockchain is able to offer major assistance to stopping numerous unnecessary deaths.

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