Dress-rehearsal Testnet For Ethereum 2.0 Released With No Major Errors

By Emily Rys | October 13, 2020

Ethereum has reportedly finalized the release of an additional dress-rehearsal testnet, for the anticipated Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0. 

Specifically, the release has reportedly been finalized on Monday at 12 P.M. UTC, and has a different outcome compared with past launches – has been a successful release with sufficient participation and no outstanding errors occurred. 

The testnet was reportedly orchestrated after the mixed result of the Spadina release – the initial rehearsal with a primary goal to run testing for the launchpad for stakers. 

The Spadina testnet has previously suffered from a participation rate under expected anticipation, which means that numerous validators participating in the testnet were not able to get their clients up online. 

Although the initial reason for the matter was reportedly believed to be because of economic incentives insufficiency, additional investigation pointed out that bugs in clients led to the surface of a lot of errors. 

Zinken was reportedly the first testnet to successfully satisfy the finalization benchmark in a matter of minutes since its go-live, claiming the title for most successful testnet up to now.

Ethereum 2.0 developers were reportedly happy with the release, adding that “the Discord chat is silent” – a positive note judging from the previous waves of bug reports and problems. 

“That’s my impression [that a 2020 launch is on target]. This is an ongoing dialogue with client teams, and we need to take a second to look at this testnet. But it is my understanding that this will trigger the next series of things. There’s always blockers that might show up, [so] we need to do this responsibly.” Danny Ryan, the Ethereum Foundation’s lead coordinator for Ethereum 2.0, share his optimism for a potential 2020 release.

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