Ecuador Dairy Producing Firm Integrated IBM-built Blockchain Pilot Project

By Daniel T. | March 4, 2020
Securitize To Joins IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator Program

El Ordeño – the Ecuador-based dairy manufacturing firm – has revealed its initiative to integrate with a blockchain-powered network, as the next step in an IBM-developed pilot project, dubbed “IBM Food Trust”.

Specifically, El Ordeño is turning to blockchain for a viable monitoring solution, for its TRU dairy products, activating a new QR code-enabled packaging model. 

Via using a mobile device to scan the label, customers will have the ability to keep track of the farm-to-table, step-by-step process of their dairy products. The solution also offers details regarding the producers, quality centers, cold chains and distribution centers.

“We are constantly transforming the way we do business to ensure the best possible quality for all our products.” Guilherme Franklin, El Ordeño’s chief operating officer, shared his remarks regarding the announcement. 

Per El Ordeño, the reason behind the firm’s initiative for standardizing its distribution process, is to make the data distributing protocol more transparent, “in a safe and selective way.”

Concerning the advantages this solution will offer producers, the blockchain-based tool will provide assistance in reducing waste and fraud within the process to the minimum level. 

Martín Hagelstrom – blockchain head of IBM Latin America – has emphasized how important it is customers view the data regarding the origin and the path that the products they consume have traveled. 

“IBM Food Trust provides El Ordeño with a single, immutable and transparent source of information about how their milk products are distributed throughout the country. Most importantly, Food Trust allows consumers to access this information in real time when they buy the products and to make purchase decisions based on the data.” He added.

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