EDM Big Name Deadmau5 Joined Forces With Mad Dog Jones On NFT Art Collection

By Tracy Hannes | January 20, 2021

EDM artist Deadmau5 has reportedly formed an alliance with digital artist Michah Dowbak (Mad Dog Jones), to roll out two Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art collections. 

Specifically, the artworks – to be released across the Nifty Gateway, owned by the Winklevoss brothers – have reportedly managed to raise $338,000 via an auction, with the final stage still to be completed. 

A bid of $20,000 is reportedly being placed on Block Heater, a single edition NFT, with around 19 hours still available for individuals to place a higher price. 

The NFTs reportedly combines music produced by Deadmau5  – a well-known artist who received numerous Grammys throughout his career – and artwork designed by Dowbak – who already worked with DJ 3Lau in the past to roll out an NFT collection, which was completely purchased in a matter of seconds. 

Deadmau5 has reportedly had previous experience with interacting with Non-Fungible Tokens in the past. In December last year, he made a 30-second audio-reactive artwork available, which was purchased at the price of $49,277. 

Also in December, the listing of 6,000 NFT packs – carrying contents recorded from his latest shows and video clips – was reportedly finalized on the Wax Exchange, with a value falling somewhere around $100,000. 

The artist appeared to be committed to promoting the use of NFT technology to his fanbase, including 3.5 million followers on Twitter, 2.5 million on Instagram, and 1.7 million on YouTube.

Also in the second week of January 2021, Nifty Gateway will be greeting Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, who will be putting up his NFT collection for auction, on January 19th.

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