EFA Introduced Document for Blockchain Case Studies in the Telecom Sector

By Warren Hayes | August 31, 2019

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) – an establishment with a primary goal to set standards for the blockchain field – has recently introduced a list of use cases for blockchain-based telecommunications.

As announced by the EEA on August 28, the newly published file regarding real-life case studies in the telecom sector was drafted by the EEA Telecom Special Interest Group (SIG). 

The document – which is reportedly free-of-charge and come with a public access – will be providing knowledge concerning blockchain ability to make business trading activities, along with internal operations in telecommunications, more efficient.

Moreover, the published file also aims to present the role standards-based decentralized applications play in bringing down fraud risk rate, together with numerous direct monetary benefits.

Furthermore, several case studies for blockchain in the telecom sector are included in the file, nominally Blockchain-Based Telecom Call Roaming User Authentication; Blockchain-Based Telecom Call Roaming Reconciliation; and Data Privacy and Monetization, among others. 

“These telecom use cases allow the EEA to identify the building blocks, automated contracts, and standards needed to drive the next generation of Ethereum-based telecom applications […] Our goal is to educate EEA members along with global telecom professionals to the uses and benefits of EEA standards and Enterprise Ethereum blockchain technologies while fostering industry cooperation and interaction.” Dr. Andreas Freund of ConsenSys – member of EEA Telecom SIG – added. 

“On behalf of the EEA and the EEA Telecom SIG, we would like to thank T-Mobile, SK Telecom, KDDI, and ConsenSys for their extensive contributions. We hope that other global telecom leaders will join the EEA Telecom SIG’s efforts to expand upon this important work.” EEA Executive Director Ron Resnick send regards to companies helped design the file.

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