Eight Firms Authorized For 125ETH From UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund to Achieve Good Causes

By Shannon Wilson | June 21, 2020

Eight tech-related firms from seven distinct emerging sectors have reportedly been in the shortlist of receivers for Ether-based investment from the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund.

Specifically, 125 ETH has reportedly been authorized for said companies, equivalent to around $28,600, in an attempt to financially support the scaling and prototyping processes of their respective tech, throughout the course of the following 6 months. 

The firms eligible for this investment has reportedly been at the receiving end of up to $100,000 in fiat currency from UNICEF’s Innovation Fund previously. 

One firm in the list, Afinidata, reportedly provides materials in the field of education for parents with juniors. While Cireha reportedly specialised in designing communication solutions for children with speech or language impairments, for realworld use. UNICEF’s crypto-enabled initiative has reportedly offered financial support for the goals these firms set out to fulfill. 

“We are seeing the digital world come at us more quickly than we could have imagined – and UNICEF must be able to use all of the tools of this new world to help children today and tomorrow,” UNICEF Ventures co-lead Chris Fabian reportedly remarked. 

The transfer process of said investment to the companies have reportedly been carried out in under 20 minutes, with a cost did not surpass $20.

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