Elwood is on a Roll: First an ETF, More Crypto Offerings Next

By Shannon Wilson | March 15, 2019
Elwood is on a Roll: First an ETF, More Crypto Offerings Next

Just days after launching a blockchain-based exchange traded fund (ETF), Elwood Asset Management is wasting no time in the cryptosphere. It now says it plans to amp up its cryptocurrency offerings to reel in big-time institutional investors into the digital assets market.

Elwood’s new offerings are expected to be regulated products that will cover “the full spectrum of crypto-assets”, noted Bloomberg. It also intends to create investments tied to digital asset trading, that could also eventually lead to offering crypto exposure in currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Speaking to Bloomberg in a phone interview, Elwood’s CEO Bin Ren said, “The only way for institutions to get meaningful exposure to digital assets has been to buy Bitcoin, but many are reluctant or unable to buy Bitcoin – and for good reason. An ETF gives a highly liquid and regulated way to gain exposure. This is the right point to start.’’

Ren did not provide further details about any possible product offerings.

Days earlier, The Crypto Sight reported that Elwood had listed its blockchain-based ETF together with independent investment management firm Invesco from the US. The ETF began trading on the London Stock Exchange on March 11.

Elwood is owned by hedge-fund billionaire Alan Howard, although he does not participate in the company’s daily operations. He reportedly invested heavily in crypto on a personal basis in 2017.

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