Enhanced Hyperledger Fabric Speeds Up 7 Times for Data Transaction

By Mary T. | May 6, 2019
Enhanced Hyperledger Fabric Speeds Up 7 Times for Data Transaction

Researchers from Canada’s University of Waterloo have upgraded Hyperledger Fabric to increase the volume of data transactions per second (TPS) for financial institutions, IT corporations and engineering companies that can be processed by the blockchain, from 3,000 to 20,000 TPS.

In order to make the transaction service more efficient for “fast-paced sectors such as e-commerce”, the researchers rebuilt Fabric’s ordering service, transaction service and data management layer. This required main focus on “end-to-end transaction throughput” improvement.

Christian Gorenflo, a PhD Candidate of University of Waterloo explained: “Our modifications are completely under-the-hood. Fabric’s application programming interfaces and modularity stay intact, so existing applications work just as before.”

Currently, the research team are now contacting with major Fabric contributors at IBM who are interested in adopting their optimizations in the future and “the reception by industry has been very positive.” Besides, the team also believed that they could accelerate Hyperledger Fabric’s capacity to 50,000 TPS.

In February, Intel launched a project on their ecosystem for launching new blockchain platform quickly and more effective.

Also following the American courier delivery services giant FedEx, Poste Italiane – an Italy’s postal service, has joined the Hyperledger blockchain community in this January.

In order to improve the supply chain management in crypto mining industry and merchandise insurance, IBM has applied Hyperledger-based blockchain on its own platform.

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