EU Salmon Making Firms Employed IBM Blockchain For Supply Chain Tracking Solution

By Emily Rys | November 22, 2019

Salmon farming firm Cermaq and smoked salmon producer Labeyrie turned to IBM-developed cloud blockchain for a supply chains traceability solution. 

Revealed by Cermaq on November 20, the firm is going to use Labeyrie and IBM-developed blockchain tool – IBM Food Trust – to provide its users with data clarity into the salmon value chain. 

With the new integration, every Cermaq salmon is now equipped with a CV and QR-code to enable detail verification, including: 

“… [fish] origin, when it was hatched, which fresh water facility it came from, how big it was when it was transferred to seawater, at which sea water facility it has been farmed, as well as health and welfare information such as which vaccinations it has received, what it has been fed, and when it was harvested.”

Labeyrie has previously introduced a traceability tool for 2 of its smoked salmon products in Norway, enabling customers to track data of the entire production chain of the fish – from egg to store. Brede Løfsgaard – Cermaq Norway head of sales – remarked that the firm pushed out the new feature after careful studies of customers’ requests for increased transparency. 

Blockchain has made numerous appearances in the food industry recently. Previously, FMCG heavyweights Carrefour and Nestlé have reportedly decided to choose Food Trust blockchain – developed by IBM – as a tracking solution for milk-based formula for infants.

UPS – the major US-based logistics firm – has reportedly introduced a blockchain-enabled verification tool, for the US-Japan beef shipping route.

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