Ex Barclay Director Established First Regulated Digital Bank In the UK Next Year

By Chris Torres | January 4, 2020

Mark Hipperson – former director of Barclays group for over 10 years, U.K Starling bank co-founder and ex-CTO – is reportedly set to establish his first regulated crypto banking venture, in the first quarter of 2020. 

Specifically, the new digital bank – dubbed “Ziglu” – has claimed itself to be the evolution in the idea of a standard challenger bank, with the all-digital account which enables safekeeping for numerous currencies, both fiat and crypto. 

The free account does not only come with the ability to provide safekeeping for funds in the form of different currencies, but also allows for exchanging between them.

Customers are able to engage in trading activities – selling and purchasing – at Interbank rates, with foreign currencies, and as for crypto, they will be up for buying and sales with an appropriate price, on different exchanges. 

Moreover, per the info on Ziglu web page, customers can use the currency kept in the account at any spot across the globe, with a Mastercard debit card-enabled option. This option also works for digital coins, which can be changed into fiat immediately when the sales in finalized. 

Ziglu has joined the club of banking entities providing the service of a a combined fiat/crypto account. Bitwala has previously rolled out an account in August last year, which comes with a Bitcoin wallet that currently also supports Ethereum.

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