Exodus Wallet Completes SportX Integration to Roll Out Crypto Betting For EsportX

By Shannon Wilson | November 24, 2021

Crypto wallet Exodus has reportedly completed the official integration with SportX – an online sports and crypto betting platform – to release the wager feature on esports games via Polygon-based smart contracts.

Specifically, the freshly formed alliance – disclosed on November 23rd – will help the over 1 million users of Exodus tap into SportX’s decentralized betting exchange, enabling the ability to make bets on a vast array of sports and esports games, using crypto coins. 

the lowest possible amount of bet will reportedly be $5, denominated in USD Coin (USDC), which can be transferred straight to the Exodus wallet or exchanged from any of the 138 cryptocurrencies it offers facilitating features. 

Every market created, traded, and settled on SportX will reportedly be supported by the Polygon network. 

At the moment, SportX reportedly secured necessary licenses to operate in Canada, South America, most European nations aside from France and the Netherlands, and across the majority of Asia.

Esports – which is a term used to regard multiplayer video games played competitively with supporters’ presence – has achieved exponential growth to be a billion-dollar sector, with mainstream developers like Halo setting foot in the industry. 

“What a statement from Halo. Their re-entry into esports has been nothing short of incredible. Balanced maps, ranked play and a multi-million dollar tournament circuit out of the gate two weeks after release. Bravo @Halo.”

Regardless of the relationship between cryptocurrency and esports is still of developing nature at the moment, industry observers have identified a “special connection” between the two spheres. 

Both communities have the same kind of demographics, as well as utilizing technologies that transcend geographic locations.

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