Facebook Appointed 2 former Coinbase Employees as Its New Compliance Professionals

By Chris Torres | May 16, 2019
Facebook Appointed 2 former Coinbase Employees as Its New Compliance Professionals

The giant social media corporation Facebook has reportedly hired two fresh compliance professionals, both have formerly been an employee for the US-based, high profile crypto exchange platform Coinbase.

Specifically, after leaving his 4 years at Coinbase behind, Mikheil Moucharrafie has been appointed as a compliance expert for the major tech firm. During his time at Coinbase, Moucharrafie has contributed as a significant number of positions, such as support analyst and quality assurance tester, anti-money laundering (AML)/bank secrecy investigator, compliance manager, and risk manager.

The second expert, Jeff Cartwright, has been Coinbase compliance manager, head of internal audit, and director of regulatory risk and exams for nearly half a decade. Before taking up the jobs at Coinbase, Cartwright worked as an AML Consultant for one of the Big Four Auditors – KPMG, as well as an AML compliance investigations at Goldman Sachs. At Facebook, Cartwright has appointed its policy and compliance manager.

In March 2018, amid the rumor of its secret blockchain and cryptocurrency project, Facebook began onboarding former Paypal blockchain experts, under the support of David Marcus – former Paypal president. Currently, former employees of the payment platform take up 20% of the total members for Facebook’s crypto project, which reminds people of the so-called “PayPal Mafia” executive group of the early 2000s.

Earlier, Facebook is reportedly started to recruit resources for 5 vacancies in the blockchain department, specifically a growth product manager, product manager, data scientist, software engineer, and business operations manager.

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