Firefox Quantum Releases New Privacy Protections For Anti-Cryptojacking

By Mary T. | May 24, 2019
Firefox Quantum Release New Privacy Protections For Anti-Cryptojacking

The open-source web browser Firefox Quantum (previously known as Firefox) has added to its latest version with the new privacy features including crypto jacking protection.

According to the press release by Mozilla – Firefox’s developer, Mozilla revealed that some websites could deploy the data on a mining activity of user without their knowing, which is called crypto jacking.

The website developer aims to put privacy as the top mission to ensure the information and safety of its users. Therefore, Mozilla has partnered with online privacy company Disconnect to solve this problem by introducing the crypto mining blocker feature. The feature is described as simply by “flip a switch”. By following the instructions provided to turn on the feature when using, users can protect themselves from cryptojackers that would mine the users’ cryptocurrency.

Back in August 2018, Mozilla first introduced the blocking fingerprinting and crypto mining feature. The fingerprinting is a digital fingerprint activity that tracks you across the web and uses the personal information collected for jacking purposes. By using a “flip a switch” Content Blocking feature mentioned above, fingerprinters will be blocked.

As reported in April, US-based Internet security firm MalwareBytes claimed that illegal crypto jacking activities primarily targeting consumers “is essentially extinct”. The report stated that:

“Marked by the popular drive-by mining company CoinHive shutting down operations in early March, consumer cryptomining seems to have gone the way of the dodo. Detections of consumer-focused bitcoin miners have dropped significantly over the last year and even from last quarter, while business-focused miners have increased from the previous quarter, especially in the APAC region.”

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