First ever Master Degree in Blockchain course launched in Virginia, USA

By Warren Hayes | February 5, 2019
US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Approves the Blockchain Promotion Act

The state of Virginia, USA has reportedly launched its first ever blockchain course that would provide graduates with a Master Degree in blockchain technology at the University of the Cumberlands.

Specifically, the course – Master of Science in Global Business with Blockchain Technology (MS-Blockchain) program – will be officially opened for public registration in summer 2019.

“The technical definition is that it is a distributive ledger technology. What that simply means is it is a way of tracking any type of an item or any type of a transaction. Whether that is a car title or that produces that Wal-Mart is shipping out to all of their stores,” Lois McWhorter, the Hutton School of Business dean, roughly explained.

According to McWhorter, the university is open to innovation and this new blockchain course is a part of the movement. The board is more than eager to get the course going.

“University of the Cumberlands is on the cutting edge and that we are constantly looking for degrees that will employee people. That will make people more employable in anywhere that they are”

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