First Newborn to Have Birth Certificate Recorded Using Blockchain Technology

By Jenny Aurora | September 2, 2019

Brazil has witnessed the first birth certificate to be generated and stored using blockchain technology. 

Reported by the Brazil Cointelegraph on September 1, Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça – has gone down in history as the first newborn to be having a birth certificate documented in Brazil, using blockchain, with the complete absence of a registry office. 

The mom and dad of the baby have invited to be a part of an initiative, designed by Growth Tech, in collaboration with IBM. The father, Waldyr Mendonça Junior, revealed that the blockchain tech has amped up the processing speed of his baby’s birth registration, in under 5 minutes. 

The whole process was executed via Growth Tech’s Notary Ledgers platform, which comes with virtual notary services. Hugo Pierre – the founder of Growth Tech – revealed that his company has put a lot of efforts in making the process of recording birth certificates more efficient. 

Carlos Rischioto – head of IBM blockchain department in the Latin America region – shared that registering birth certificates for a newborn is a 3-phase protocol. First is the “Live Birth Statement”, conducted by hospitals. Next, the child’ parents will set up a digital ID on the system. Finally, the data will be transferred to a notary office, who will take care of the final step of the process – finalizing the certificate. 

The new platform is expected to get rid of bureaucratic problems, along with increasing efficiency and transparency.

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