Forbes Published List of Billion-Dollar Enterprises Adopting Blockchain Technology

By Anne W. | April 20, 2019

Forbes has released a list of 50 companies with minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion and U.S operations which are utilizing for their systems or working closely with Blockchain technology on April 16th.

The list – dubbed “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies” – consists of major firms working in Blockchain or crypto-related firms. The list also covers companies working in various other fields, including banks and clearing houses, food companies, supply chain management firms and others.

Some well-known heavyweights that can easily be spotted in the list are Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, ING, Mastercard, Microsoft and Nestle.

Crypto-related organizations have made it into the list are US-based crypto exchange platform Coinbase, major European crypto mining company Bitfury, along with giant Blockchain financial services provider and XRP token creator Ripple.

Apart from listing out heavyweights in different industries that are fully or just initially integrating Blockchain tech, the list also noted down which specific Blockchain processes are being used by which firms. Technologies including Hyperledger protocols, blockchain consortium R3’s Corda protocol and the Ethereum network are being vastly used by a large number of businesses in numerous fields.

Forbes further used the case of Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC) as an instance for Blockchain solutions to simplify business procedures. Said firm utilized Blockchain as a recording keeping tool for 90 million transactions per day, accounts for $48 trillion dollars in securities of the world.

DTCC is reportedly going to move 50,000 accounts into a newly built Blockchain-powered framework, which can elinimate procedure duplications and reconciliations. Such problems are still a major issue on traditional electronic clearing networks.

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