Former Enron CEO Talks With Crypto Experts to Plot New Venture After Prison Release

By Shannon Wilson | March 25, 2019

Enron’s ex-CEO Jeffrey Skilling is meeting crypto experts to prepare for his return to the industry, one month after his release from prison for his role in the infamous accounting scandal back in 2001.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, Skilling was freed on March 21, after being sentenced on May 2006 on 19 counts of securities fraud, conspiracy, insider trading, and deceiving auditors, later serving 12 years in prison.

Skilling is reportedly looking for partners in creating a digital platform enterprise which is connected with the energy finance industry. Other anonymous sources also claimed that Skilling had meetings with specialists in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and software development fields, regarding the project.  

Both WSJ and CNBC reportedly said that the project is still in its early stage and has yet to be financially stable. Lou L. Pai, former chief executive of Enron Energy Services, promised to make the investment in the future. Neither Skilling or Pai has yet to comment on the subject.

Few sources mentioned that the idea has been hatching since Skilling was still a prisoner at a correctional facility in Alabama, with WSJ saying that he “was already taking meetings on the project while serving six months at a Texas halfway house before he fully regained his freedom,” and CNBC claiming he “apparently worried for the rest of his sentence that someone else would come up with the idea before he got out.”  

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