Former US Senator Backed Catholic Community-oriented Crypto Project

By Katelyn James | June 13, 2019
Former US Senator Backed Catholic Community-oriented Crypto Project

Rick Santorum – a former Pennsylvania state senator and well-known for his passion in religions – has reportedly lent his support to a Catholic, community-focused crypto project.

According to a press release on June 4th, the former senator and 2-time presidential candidate from the Republican is now a member of the board of Cathio – a crypto project which concentrates primarily on the Catholic community.

The project was specifically set up to provide a solution to pressing matters in the Catholic community economy, particularly to help reduce costs, facilitate more visible transactions, as well as to keep the community more secure.

Santorum – who is said to be “a Catholic missionary who happens to be in the Senate” – has been fiercely against abortion and homosexuality, specifically same-sex marriage, as shown in his campaigns for the run to become the POTUS back in 2012 and 2016.

“Millennials don’t carry cash, they date on apps and watch on-demand entertainment. We have to be there, we have to learn from successful tech companies, and we have to provide a universal solution that makes it easy for younger generations to engage with the Church.” Santorum shared his perspective on how Cathio will boost youth engagement.

Jim Nicholson – Cathio Advisor and former Ambassador to the Holy See – has claimed that aside from helping the Church to save a significant amount of fund, Cathio will help provide greater transparency financial transactions, as well as help boost people connectivity,  including greater donor development and promotion.

“When somebody’s doing the wrong thing, or if the government has a question, or if there’s any investigation into any wrongdoing, being able to track that information could be helpful for the Church.” Cathio CEO Matthew Marcolini said regarding the announcement.

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