Gemini Rolled Out Crypto Donation Options Via Partnership With The Giving Block

By Shannon Wilson | March 5, 2021

US-based crypto exchange heavyweight Gemini has reportedly a new crypto donation method, for its users to more than 100 nonprofits worldwide, through a new partnership with The Giving Block.

Specifically, Gemini has reportedly made the new feature “Give Back With Crypto” officially available, as disclosed by The Giving Block. The charities that are eligible for this new function reportedly include human rights initiatives, clean water advocating entities to many different more. 

A wide array of charitable organizations are there to which users can donate their crypto, as included in a list on The Giving Block’s web page, nominally Water Wells for Africa, the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, Kids in Need of Defense and many more.

Particularly, upon any click from the user on the ‘donate’ buttons available on the Gemini’s mobile app or desktop platform, they will reportedly be directed to https://www.thegivingblock.com/donate-bitcoin, where the option of donating to over 130 nonprofits are available. 

“We’ve been working with Gemini in a variety of ways for over two years but this new feature just publicly launched this week. Gemini has been an awesome partner when it comes to supporting crypto-friendly nonprofits.” Alex Wilson, co-founder of The Giving Block, further remarked. 

In 2018, crypto-natives Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy reportedly established The Giving Block, catering to a need across the crypto sphere, via simplifying access avenues for digital-asset-based charitable donations, as per the entity’s website. 

Nonprofit organizations are reportedly warming up to the idea of crypto assets, setting the direction for crypto donations brings a new demographic to nonprofits, per Alex Wilson. 

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