Gemini Rolled Out Hardware Key Compatibility For Its Mobile Environments

By Katelyn James | July 15, 2020

Crypto exchange platform from the US Gemini has reportedly revealed a new hardware key feature to be rolled out across its mobile-based version. 

Specifically, the new hardware security key functionality will reportedly be compatible with with different devices, nominally YubiKey, to offer an enhanced security level for clients.

“Gemini customers can now use USB and near-field communication, or NFC, security keys to securely sign into the Gemini Mobile App”, via WebAuthn compatibility on Gemini’s mobile environments, iOS and Android, as revealed by the platform. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) reportedly provides an additional advanced level of security beyond a password-based sign-in system. If enabled, 2FA will reportedly need a code from a mobile device to sign in to the web page, after the password logging step is completed. 

The code – a single-use, time-based string of numbers – can be delivered via a text message, or a 3rd-party application, with users being able to select one of these 2 options. 

Different other methods are also available for 2FA, needing a physical device plug-in for logins, nominally Yubico’s YubiKey. Hardware keys reportedly function as a mean of protection, against cyber attacks or mobile phone SIM card swapping. 

“Yubikeys provide a secure, cross-platform solution you can use to access your Gemini account via our Mobile App, as well as any other sites that support WebAuthn”, Gemini and Yubico have reportedly also teamed up with one another.

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