Global Searches For “Bitcoin” Hit Record-breaking Number Within Past 3 Months

By Robin Wong | October 30, 2019
Bitcoin On-chain Scaling Requires Larger Block Sizes, Claimed Abra CEO

The number of people searching for the “Bitcoin” term globally on Google is reportedly close to a record-breaking number, within the past 3 months.

Specifically, as revealed by Google Trends, the worldwide interest rate in Bitcoin has reached its highest point, starting from August 2019, when the price of the major digital coin stood at roughly $11,700.

Notably, Africa has 3 of the 5 countries that showed the highest search for the keyword within the timeframe. The 5 nations include Nigeria, South Africa, Austria, Ghana and Brazil.

The keyword “blockchain” however, has not received the same amount of hype, with no significant surge in its interest rate recorded, despite still being one of the most talked-about technology in the digital era, and has recently been mentioned by the president of China, who asked organizations throughout the nation to speed up the adoption process. 

As can be inferred from the chart below, the keyword Bitcoin has experienced a rather erratic pattern of growth during the past months, whereas “blockchain” has shown stability, without any sudden decline or incline. 

Image Source: Google Trend

Bitcoin price currently stands at $9,400 in September.

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