Global Tech Research Firm Urged the FDA to Offer Regulatory Guidance for Food Safety

By Warren Hayes | October 25, 2019

One major technology research company has been persistently persuading the US FDA to come up with regulatory clarity, regarding blockchain apps which ensure food safety. 

Reported by FoodOnline on October 21, Alex Manders – Information Services Group (ISG) director for blockchain solutions – has been asking the FDA to conduct more thorough examinations on the benefits blockchain technology can bring. 

During his talk at the FDA-hosted seminar “A New Era of Smarter Food Safety,” Manders believed that the FDA should shift their focus on blockchain vendors, solutions and investment options, and offer regulatory instructions for key players in the food supply chain, on how to best implement blockchain for enhanced food safety. 

Per ISG, one of the biggest obstacles in furthering the adoption of blockchain in the food and beverage industry, is considered to be “non-technical,” more precisely, is the insufficient knowledge of current blockchain infrastructure, nominally vendors and collaboration models.

Furthermore, Manders claimed the missing of frameworks on an industrial and governmental level are also the problems. 

Apart from the urge for the FDA to take a closer look at blockchain’s ability to solve the transparency and efficiency matters in the food supply chain, ISG also asked the FDA to establish funds or grants, aim at farmers, harvesters, distributors and retailers, as a reward for utilizing blockchain.

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