Golem Rolled Out New Network Version For Easing Application Development

By Warren Hayes | August 24, 2020
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Decentralized computing power-sharing network Golem has reportedly made the latest version of its network widely available. 

Specifically, Golem has reportedly disclosed the details, regarding the new Golem network, with the primary concentration being to offer simplification to the application development process. 

“As we have been mentioning in our communications over the last few months, we have made use of all the experience we had gathered while developing and running Brass and then Clay Golem. We spent countless days and nights thinking about how we could address what’s most important to our users and for the future of Golem and arrived at a strong vision of what we want to build.”

The update will reportedly be operational across the Alpha testnet. Developers will reportedly have the freedom to turn their dockerized images into Golem’s customized custom virtual machine image format. 

Golem additionally stated that it reportedly employed a previously established API to set up connection with the containers. 

The firm reportedly shared that its initiative to roll out a more bareboned platform, is because “we are building with a developer-first approach and to achieve this we need feedback”, and it is applicable to a wide range of cases which can create profound impact. 

The firm reportedly claimed that it welcomes any recommendations to simplify the development process for said use cases.

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