Google New Extension Allows Users send XRP Tips via Gmail

By Robin Wong | April 7, 2019
Google New Extension Allows Users send XRP Tips via Gmail

Gmail users now have the ability to send XRP crypto over the world via MoneyMessage – an extension on Google Chrome. Gmail users now can pay the services and send tips  over the globe via XRP.

MoneyMessage is a browser extension which allows you to append money in the form of XRP and send it to any mail receiver, as Chrome Web Store message describes. ‘A receiver doesn’t need an account or knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. The amount will be deposited in XRPTipBot which allows your receiver to withdraw at any time.’

MoneyMessage extension uses XRPTipBot for boosting the adoption of XRP by generating some excitement in the XRP community.

XRPTipBot service has been available in other social media like Twitter, Reddit, and Concord.

In March, a Twitter user with the name of @CandleBoxLaw recommended tipping XRP to those who do not have any XRP in order to boost the value of the third most popular cryptocurrency.

Currently, this payment service still has small popularity in the crypto community, but this could be changed quickly by Google.

This new extension is considered as a big step for supporting cryptocurrencies. Last month, Google blend big data with its search algorithms to specially crawl larger blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to make more data publicly available.

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