Hackers Compromised Johannesburg City Website and Asked For Bitcoin Ransom

By Robin Wong | October 27, 2019

The Johannesburg, Africa web page has undergone a serious breach from hackers – who are still demanding Bitcoin-based (BTC) ransom from the city. 

As revealed via their official Twitter on October 25, Johannesburg has suffered from an attack from hackers, which led to compromisation and “unauthorised access to its information systems.”

Consequently, the attack has compromised numerous frontend interfaces of the city website – hardware and software that are available for public interaction with Internet users, nominally user interfaces and help desks. These services have been deemed frozen from the attack. 

The group responsible for the action – which goes by the name “Shadow Kill Hackers” – has reportedly asked for a ransom after equivalent to 4 BTC, as revealed by eNCA on the same day. Should the demand not be met, all the data the said group of hackers got their hands onto will be publicly displayed on the Internet by October 28th. 

“If you pay on time, we will destroy all the data we have, and we will send your IT a full report about how we hacked your systems and your security holes.”

The City of Johannesburg cybersecurity department has initiated an investigation into the matter, which will reportedly require a day for the final result.

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