Head of Bittrex Became Member of StormX Board Following Unspecified Investment

By Chris Torres | July 3, 2020
Head Of Bittrex Became Member Of StormX Board Following Unspecified Investment

Founder and head of crypto exchange platform Bittrex Bill Shihara has reportedly been onboarded as the Board of Directors for blockchain firm StormX located in Seattle. 

Specifically, the decision for Shihara to join the board reportedly appeared following an unspecified amount of investment has been put into the firm’s most recent equity round. 

Nonetheless, Shihara has reportedly been an angel investor for the company, and was reportedly also one of its ICO advisors.

Per Simon Yu – head of StormX – the expertise Shihara had with Bittrex is reportedly among the factors that gives him optimism, clarifying that the Bittrex CEO’s “strategic advice and connections” could reportedly be the solution to help drive the development of the blockchain firm forward. 

StormX’s StormShop reportedly offers crypto-based awards to clients making purchases from more than 500 partnering outlets, including eBay, Microsoft, Walmart, Target, Samsung, and GameStop. 

When a purchase is conducted, users will reportedly be able to earn back digital coins in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Dai (DAI).

Per StormX, any person who reportedly selects the platform’s native token to carry out their purchase – which can be collected via finishing jobs available on StormX’s microtasks platform – is eligible for obtaining “additional perks” including “up to 87.5%” crypto cashback.

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