Hepa Finance - New Yield Farming Project on BSC

By Chris Torres | July 15, 2021

Farming is one of the keys to Defi’s rapid growth in recent times. Farming offers simplicity and convenience for investors to get passive income at a higher rate than products from traditional financial institutions. That’s what has successfully captured the hearts of investors and made billions of dollars flowing into farming and other Defi products.

There are things investors should pay attention to before putting money into a Defi project to do farming. Investors must get early to a legit project to buy tokens for farming at a low price and get a very high APR, thus investors will get the maximum profit. And one project that meets those criteria is Hepa finance.

Hepa finance is the first IDO project in ApeTools, an advanced tool in the BSC ecosystem. ApeTools is one of the top BSC projects by average sentiment by BSCDaily and the first IDO will be very crucial for the reputation and future of ApeTools. Hepa finance should be a legit project.

Hepa finance is a Defi project that offers lucrative rewards from farming with the highest APR in BSC. Hepa finance token (HEPA) has a maximum supply of 500,000,000 HEPA, of which 95% is locked and 5% is unlocked to create a sustainable and long-term farming environment.

Hepa finance decided to pre-mint 2% of max supply or 10,000,000 HEPA, of which 70% (7,000,000 HEPA) distributed for the IDO sale, 20% (2,000,000 HEPA) for the initial liquidity seed, and 10% (10,000,000 HEPA) for strategic wallet.

The Hepa finance team will inject 10k USD worth of BNB into the HEPA/BNB pool so that investors can easily swap to HEPA to enter the HEPA/BNB liquidity pool. The available pools are HEPA/BNB, HEPA/TAPE, HEPA/BUSD, and HEPA/BANANA. During the initial launch week, HEPA/TAPE pools will be rewarded with 1x pool weight or 9.85 HEPA per block and HEPA/BNB will be rewarded with 25x pool weight or 246.1 HEPA per block.

In the first 4 weeks, Hepa finance will apply a bonus multiplier to reward early investors, and every week the reward per block will be halved as follows:

1. 256x or 256 HEPA per block for the first week

2. 128x or 128 HEPA per block for the second week

3. 64x or 64 HEPA per block for the third week

4. 32x or 32 HEPA per block for the fourth week

With the token emission scheme and schedule as mentioned above, the max supply of 500 million HEPA is expected to be achieved by March 2024 or about 3 years from the start of farming.

To reduce the risk of price dumps due to early investors taking profits, Hepa finance will charge high withdrawal fees as follows:

1. 25% If investors withdraw during the same block

2. 8% If investors withdraw in under 1 hour

3. 4% If investors withdraw in less than 24 hours


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