Homeowners Accept Bitcoin Payment Despite Volatility

By Mary T. | February 11, 2019
Home Owners Accept Bitcoin Payment Despite Volatility

Homeowners are still selling their properties for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, although these digital assets have lost more than 80 percent of their fiat value since 2017.

A report carried out by local news outlet Micky on Jan 30 have shown a list of properties for sale in Australia, in which the owners are willing to accept part or full payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One of Real Estate agency known as Ray White has listed a beautiful and luxury home for $580,000 and the owner is willing to accept Bitcoin payments. Darwin, an apartment is being sold for about 126 Bitcoins which is equivalent to $600,000 at the current rates. “We are happy to accept Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency instead of Australian dollars for this property,” says the owners.

Australia is one of many regions following this trend. In San Fransisco, a mid-century hillside estate can be purchased for $3.3 million in cryptocurrencies. In Hughson California, a four-bedroom cherry house is being sold for Bitcoins. Another property in the region of Playa Colorado has been listed for 70 BTC offering its own private beach club and restaurant membership.

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