Honda and GM Partners for Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid with Blockchain

By Shannon Wilson | May 23, 2019
Honda and GM Partners for Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid with Blockchain

Japanese-based automobile manufacturers Honda Motor Company, Ltd has announced its partnership with US automotive giant General Motors (GM) to form a research project on power stability of electric vehicles using blockchain tech.

According to Japanese news site Nikkei, Honda and GM will partner together for the study of electric vehicles development that is used in stabilizing the supply of energy in smart grids. Both companies aim to find ways to facilitate the retrieval of information, including the data that is between power smart grids and electric vehicles. This will make it possible for the owners of electric vehicles to gain rewards from keeping power in car batteries and exchange it with the smart grids.

As announced, the project will be carried out under the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). The goal here is to enhance the efficiency of mobility service. It is revealed that Honda and GM will conduct the research this month while some brands such as BMW, Ford, Renault, and Faraday Future could join the project later.

Back in December 2018, GM filed a blockchain patent so they can properly manage the data collected from autonomous vehicles. GM also confirmed its participation in Spring Founding Industry Partners (“SFIP”) Program for the improvement of data management standards.

Recently in February, German automobile maker Mercedes-Benz Cars has developed a blockchain-based prototype to enhance transparency in the complex supply chain, reported by the Crypto Sight on Feb 28.

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