Honeywell Built Blockchain-based Tool For Aircraft Parts Data

By Emily Rys | August 17, 2020

The Aerospace heavyweight Honeywell has reportedly come up with a blockchain-powered tool to simplify the documentation storage of aircraft parts and services. 

Specifically, the firm reportedly disclosed that its blockchain-focused subsidiary GoDirect Trade will finalize the integration of the aircraft record generation process into its blockchain system, which would enable searching of aerospace parts and service data via its interface. 

At the moment, information associated with aerospace parts and services are located throughout computer systems and hard copies, in a scattered manner. This consequently led to airline firms and operators from time to time unable to find the important data essential for proving the parts are legitimate. 

GoDirect Trade general manager Lisa Butters reportedly stated via utilizing blockchain, Honeywell plans to record data associated with the significant amount of aerospace parts, which reaches up to thousand figure, that the firm makes daily. 

“In aerospace, this is a game-changing technology that will simplify and transform recordkeeping for aircraft owners and airlines around the world.”

Via using one single Ledger for data recording, Honeywell reportedly looks to lessen the effort it takes to search and gain access into aircraft-related data, as well as amping up the efficiency level of the handling process to its clients.

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