Houbi Group Founder Becomes CEO of Pantronics Holdings

By Emily Rys | September 12, 2019

Hong Kong-based electronic manufacturing giant Pantronics Holdings Ltd. has recently appointed Huobi Group founder Leon Li as its new CEO, chairman of the board and executive director.

Specifically, the founder of global digital asset giant Huobi Group is expected to bring his extensive knowledge and experience to the Pantronics team with his new role. Chris Lee, Pantronics’ current executive director, expressed his confidence in Li by stating that he will help the firm “explore potential new opportunities.”

Moreover, Pantronics Holdings Ltd. may change its name to Huobi Technology Holdings Limited. Currently, the firm is seeking approval from the Registry of Corporate Affairs in the British Virgin Islands and its shareholders.

 “The global scale of innovative technologies is rising exponentially. Emerging technologies, such as mobile internet, A.I., big data, and especially blockchain technology are radically transforming traditional business models. The knowledge, experiences, and management skills that have allowed Leon to build one of the most successful digital asset companies in the world will be invaluable to the Pantronics team.” added Chris.

Earlier, Huobi Korea has reportedly strengthened its protections against money laundering, identity theft, voice phishing, and other forms of abuse, in the interest of preventing fraud and abuse, complying with South Korea’s regulations, and protecting financial markets as well as its users.

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