Huawei Studies Latin America Market to Expand Its Blockchain Services

By Anne W. | June 15, 2019
Huawei Studies Latin America Market to Expand Its Blockchain Services

Huawei – the top-tier, China-based mobile phone manufacturer – is reportedly looking into the economic potential of the Latin America region, in order to prepare for a launch of its services in this area.

Reported by the Cointelegraph Brazil on June 13th, during the CIAB Febraban conference on June 11th, one of Huawei executives have revealed that Huawei is studying the possibility to expand its blockchain-powered products, as well as services, to the South America region.

“Everything will depend on the outcome of our market analysis and in case there is a market demand for blockchain we will make our services available in this area. Today we are focused on storage, 5G, and telecommunications.” The executive – whose identity will not be disclosed by his request – further remarked.

Huawei claimed that it has signed numerous contracts with the government of Brazil, which will enable the telecommunication giant to set up storage solutions in the country, and will also allow Huawei to negotiate the terms to establish 5G infrastructure. In April 2018, Huawei has introduced its blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) product via its cloud platform, which reportedly will help it create and manage blockchain-based apps with a reduced cost.

During the conference, a few questions have been raised regarding the ongoing economic war, between the US and China, and whether the war would leave any negative impact on Huawei. The executive mentioned above strongly believed that the conflict will soon be over, and the only remaining issue would be accessing Google’s Android software licensing.

The executive further shared that he has no information regarding any crypto-related projects at the company at the moment, and believed that there are none being carried out to disclose for the time being.

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