Hybrid AI Firm Cindicator Rolled Out Tracking Tool for 150 Cryptocurrencies

By Tracy Hannes | September 13, 2019

Hybrid intelligence company Cindicator reportedly rolled out Edge – a newly-developed application which provides indicators tracking and receiving services for more than 150 cryptocurrencies

As stated via a blog post on September 11, the new development – dubbed Cindicator Edge – specifically aims to provide support for Cindicator (CND) tokens owner, and can be downloaded for free with its demo version. 

Cindicator Edge’s indicators primarily serve as a tool for simplifying the process of deciding trading activities, via calculating the probabilities of numerous incidents of up to 100 crypto assets, stocks and futures. Should clients have a need for increasing their number of indicators, they can hook their Ethereum wallet address up, which allows 12 indicators on a weekly basis. 

Cindicator further mentioned the collaboration with Kyber – on-chain liquidity protocol and payment firm – via the post, which grants anyone who has the app the ability to combine CND tokens with different tokenized ecosystems.

Furthermore, Kyber will be adding the choice of securing CND tokens straight in the Edge app, thus eliminating the involvement of travelling to an exchange and manually move tokens to an external storage. 

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