Hyundai Uses Blockchain to Pair Electric Vehicles with Smartphones

By Shannon Wilson | April 27, 2019
Hyundai uses Blockchain to Pair Electric Vehicles with Smartphones

Hyundai Motor Group, South Korea’s biggest car manufacturer, has announced the integration for blockchain tech into their electric vehicles (EVs) with smartphones.

According to a report delivered by Green Car Congress, Hyundai has promoted its smartphone-EV pairing as “customizable”, giving the users the chance to customize the main functions of the EVs as they wanted via a smartphone application. The pairing is developed based on an adjustment technology.

As a step to ensure safety while users upload and share their custom configurations on the platform, Hyundai will allegedly implement blockchain technology to prevent unwanted security problems. Furthermore, the new system is designed to encrypt important performance parameters on a blockchain network by creating data blocks while users upload and share data. These actions are set to prevent illegal information manipulation.

The report also noted several features that are included in the smartphone-EV pairing app. Drivers will be able to choose and modify seven functionality features such as the highest torque output of the motor, acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed limit or electricity usage on climate control.

In February, Hyundai has announced a new partnership with giant tech IBM for two of its subsidiaries – Hyundai Card and Hyundai Commercial, which focused on creating a new supply chain financing ecosystem using open source Hyperledger Fabric for automating manual processes with cost and time-saving purposes.

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