IBM Filed For Patent For Blockchain Tool to Combat Drone-enabled Package Theft

By Katelyn James | December 1, 2019

IBM has reportedly submitted required papers to obtain a patent for its blockchain-based solution, dedicated to combating against package theft by drone. 

As revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on November 12, IBM will utilize the IoT tech for a drone altitude tracking tool, with all recorded data will be transferred and kept safely on a blockchain secure platform. 

Drones-enabled methods for illegally obtaining packages could become a major issue in the future. The new solution will equip each package with an altitude sensor, which will create alarm signals should the drone’ system detects any changes that exceeds the preset criteria. Upon the trigger of the alarm system, the GPS-enabled IoT will send the precise location of the package to a tracking module. 

IBM argued that should the package delivery process is left unchecked, the items within maybe vulnerable to malevolent acts of theft, pre-delivery and pre-receive. 

“The confluence of the increase in drone use and the increase in online shopping provides a situation in which a drone may be used with nefarious intent to anonymously take a package that is left on a doorstep after delivery.” IBM patent reads. 

Previously, IBM has filed for a patent for its blockchain-powered solution, to resolve privacy and security issues surrounding drones.

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