Immunity Passports Could Greatly Enhance Blockchain Recognition, Claimed Overstock CEO

By Daniel T. | May 23, 2020

Jonathan Johnson – head of Overstock – has reportedly shared that private, user-managed immunity passports could potentially be a suitable application to greatly enhance blockchain’s recognition. 

Specifically, Johnson reportedly revealed that the investment-focused subsidiary of Overstock has teamed up with 2 firms to design blockchain-powered apps, enabling the download and management features of users’ personal health data. 

Johnson reportedly shared that it is important to take into account the factors an average user view to be safe, in using air travel, restaurants or even stores, after the health crisis currently going on across the globe ends. 

“An immunity passport is what that is going to look like for a lot of industries. If I can prove that I’ve got the antibodies or have steered clear of infection entirely, and I can show that on an immunity passport, that’s pretty powerful.” He reportedly concluded that the crucial factor is knowing surrounding individuals are healthy. 

This type of app reportedly comes with concerns regarding data privacy or illicit usage. And the freedom to choose is reportedly what stands Overstock-developed blockchain app out, per Johnson, as users can log in to the app and select which person to share their information with. 

Johnson further expected that the adoption rate will be on the rise, when particular firms will begin to look for an immunity passport, nominally upon watching a sporting event, flying on a plane or dining at a restaurant.

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