Indian State Gov’t Teamed Up with Blockchain Trio to Boost Regional Tech Development

By Jenny Aurora | May 8, 2020

India-headquartered T-Block has reportedly forged an alliance with blockchain firms Matic Network, Harmony, and Aeternity, to assist the development of blockchain startup throughout the region. 

Specifically, T-Block – the blockchain accelerator project led by the Indian State Government of Telangana and Tech Mahindra – will reportedly receive support from the blockchain trio, particularly via providing their own solutions, to research “strong blockchain use-case”. 

The partnership is reportedly an initiative with a primary goal to support in terms of product development and deployment for all startups. 

Particularly, startups in India managed to come up with innovative solutions that will have a place in the intensive training course, lasting four 4 months, to receive direct technical and financial assistance from the blockchain trio. 

“In addition to mentoring the startups, our in-house experts will also join the judges’ panel to select the startups that will go on to the next level of acceleration and aid with financial grants to support the startups through their journey.” Jaynti Kanani, founder and current head of Matic Network, reportedly remarked. 

Apart from tech implementation, the accelerator project will also roll out support across the EU region, in an effort to test their ideas out in the market. 

“As the first government-led blockchain accelerator, this partnership is a true testimony to how a synergy between the government body and private players can support innovators in their entrepreneurial journey and will help build, scale, and create amazing opportunities for startups.”

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