Indian Tech Startup Released HyperLedger Blockchain App to Eliminate Vehicle Inspection Paperwork

By Tracy Hannes | April 28, 2020

India-based tech firm Smart Sight Innovation (SSI) has reportedly come up with an app that helps enhance the maintenance and inspection process of automobiles. 

Specifically, the app – developed as a product for an anonymous corporation from the US – primarily targets fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain platforms. Currently, it is reportedly only available on the Android environment. 

SSI reportedly revealed that the app functions via summarizing numerous problems – nominally repair work and compliance with inspection criteria – that vehicles often encounter. 

The app reportedly also generates alerts for drivers, as well as capture photos of vehicle parts to issue detailed reports back to drivers. 

Ultimately, the app reportedly sets to work as a solution that eliminates all paperwork processes connected with vehicle maintenance and inspection.

SSI utilized the HyperLedger blockchain to design the app, with a data saving format that ensures the required compliance level with relevant state and federal regulations

“As inspection reports are available digitally, vehicle drivers can produce them as and when demanded by law enforcement agencies. Engineers from SSI worked on the Android App, as well as the platform website’s frontend. The backend uses HyperLedger blockchain technology, while the native android app was developed with Android Studio & Java.”

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