“Internet Villain” Former Minister Became Chairman of Blockchain Insurance Firm

By Emily Rys | December 20, 2019

The Australian ex-Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has reportedly taken the chairman position, for the advisory board of a blockchain company in the insurance sector. 

Specifically, Stephen Conroy – who was a Senate representing the Australian Labor Party from 1996-2016 – has begun his adventure with Day By Day – a blockchain-based asset registry management company headquartered in Melbourne, which focuses on bringing innovation to insurance inventories and expedite claims across the sector. 

Conroy has given his remarks regarding the news, stating that “problems of under-insurance and fraudulent claims” still appears to be major obstacles to both clients and insurers, and a blockchain-powered asset registry will be a beneficial solution for clients and the sector. 

When he was a former Australian Minister, Conroy has put extensive efforts in rolling out a policy that harnessed numerous controversial feedback. 

The policy, primarily focuses on battling child pornography, aims to require every ISPs to put a barrier, against all contents generated from foreign servers, which have not been able to pass the criteria of the Australian Classification Board. The policy was not approved, as it has attract a significant number of internet censorship-related comments. 

Following his resignation from the Senate title 3 years ago, Conroy has been appointed Responsible Wagering Australia director.

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