Interpol Partnered With South Korean Firm to Track Crypto-related Activities On Dark Webs

By Mary T. | March 23, 2020

The Interpol has reportedly forged an alliance with the South Korea-based data intelligence firm – to perform analysis on activities going on in the dark web, focusing on crypto

Specifically, the partnership was disclosed by the startup, with S2W Labs entering a deal that lasts for 12 months with the agency. 

S2W Lab reportedly revealed that it has successfully “captured a massive amount of Dark Web data”, and has finalized the establishment of a “Dark web database”. The S2W employed artificial intelligence in the process of examining the gathered datas, in an attempt to “links among multiple domains and among multiple timeframes.”

S2W reportedly claimed that it has managed to obtain numerous patents, regarding “the subject of Dark Web and cryptocurrency analysis”.

Suh Sangduk – head of S2W Labs – reportedly highlighted the hardships in dealing with dark web-based cybercrime, because of the widely misuse of crypto, and the collaboration with Interpol will be to make sure distributed ledger tech are put to good use. 

Previously in January this year, Interpol disclosed that it has been successful in bringing down the number of MikroTik routers affected by crypto jacking malware, across the South East Asia region, by 78%.

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