IOHK Co-founder and CEO Expected A Cardano Hard Fork to Take Place Mid-February

By Warren Hayes | January 28, 2020

Charles Hoskinson – co-founder and current head of IOHK – the blockchain creator of Cardano (ADA), reportedly shared his expectation, that a Cardano hard fork is bound to take place in mid-February. 

Specifically, via livestream on January 17, Hoskinson revealed his expectation that a newly updated version of Cardano’s consensus algorithm, which comes with a hard fork, to be rolled out in the following month. 

Hoskinson claimed to have “pretty high certainty” that the implementation process for Ouroboros Bizantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus Protocol (OBFT) will be finalized in February. 

“Looks like February — at pretty high certainty —  we’re going to have the OBFT hard fork occur. We’re still talking to our exchange partners about that and we just want to make sure all the infrastructure is lined up for it, but infrastructure looks pretty good, so mid-February we anticipate an OBFT hard fork.”

Hoskinson further revealed via the livestream that Ledger hardware wallet integration with Daedalus Cardano wallet software will be available shortly for official release. 

Previously, Emurgo – the blockchain’s commercial-focused subsidiary of Cardano – has reportedly forged an alliance with the Uzbekistan government, for setting up a task force, specialised in coming up with regulations.

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