IOTA Became Industrial Partner With Uni Research Lab to Foster Blockchain and IoT Studies

By Chris Torres | November 28, 2020

The IOTA Foundation has reportedly forged an alliance with Austria’s newest Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL), in a bid to boost studies into distributed ledger tech (DLT). 

Specifically, the IOTA Foundation – the NGO that built IOTA, IOTA Tangle and MIOTA – has reportedly collaborated with the Vienna University of Technology – a top-tier institution in the country – to jointly work on the new project, dubbed “CDL Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things” (CDL-BOT), and headquartered in the university’s campus. 

The laboratory was officially functional in an online-based ceremony held on November 26th, by Austrian Federal Minister for Digital & Economic Affairs Margarethe Schramböck. 

The lab will reportedly spend the majority of its capacity on research and development in public/private partnerships between institutions and businesses – having a goal of widening the implementation of DLT, in day-to-day use cases. 

IOTA is teaming up with CDL-BOT together with its new research associate – Pantos – which looks to be perceived as “the first multi-blockchain token system.” 

“With the rising number of potential application areas for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs have to be integrated, and interoperability between different DLTs becomes necessary. I am looking forward to doing joint research with the IOTA Foundation and Pantos in order to find novel solutions to this highly topical topic.” Prof. Stefan Schulte – in charge of heading the freshly set up lab – reportedly remarked. 

Normally functional starting 2014, IOTA’s primary target is reportedly to establish their platform as the de facto standard for DLT and Internet of Things, or IoT, devices.

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