IPC Joins Hand with Crypto Platform Omniex on Crypto Trading

By Daniel T. | March 23, 2019
IPC Joins Hand with Crypto Platform Omniex on Crypto Trading

Institutional investors now can secure cryptocurrencies exchanges through the IPC Connexus Cloud.

According to a press release on Mar 21, leading financial secure provider IPC has established a joint partnership with Silicon Valley startup Omniex, which develops technology and services to support financial institutions on trading cryptocurrencies. The two firms declare that their collaboration would bring digital resources and useful ‎information for cryptocurrency markets.

“The interest, technology, and customers are robust, but until now, securely connecting all three has been a challenge for the market.”, said Bob Santella, CEO of IPC Systems. “Through our Connexus extranet ecosystem, the Omniex platform can provide the groundbreaking, secure, intelligent channel for cryptocurrency trading that the financial community has been clamoring for, including the vast number of major financial institutions IPC touches around the world.”

Commenting on the partnership, Omniex co-founder and CEO Hu Liang noted: “Omniex partnering with IPC Systems is a win-win for institutional investors. With the established and comprehensive financial ecosystem accessible through IPC’s Connexus extranet, institutions can be confident in making the leap into digital assets. We built Omniex to handle the most sophisticated orders and investors, but to deliver that, we needed IPC’s Connexus network, an equally sophisticated connection.”

The IPC Connexus Cloud is an effective cloud data solution for financial markets providing data, communications and compliance services for more than 6,400 customers in global capital markets. Furthermore, the Connexus Cloud provides access to crypto information that customers need for trading bonds, stocks, and other traditional asset classes.

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