Japanese Company Layer X Built Blockchain-powered E-voting Solution

By Emily Rys | November 10, 2020

Japan firm Layer X has reportedly disclosed news of its design for a blockchain-powered e-voting system, as included in a bigger “smart city” initiative Tsukuba City is pursuing. 

Specifically, a firm headquartered in Tokyo reportedly revealed that the new system will satisfy the technical demands electronic voting requires, including eliminating double voting, accurate storage of voting content, voter confidentiality, and management of operation records.

Furthermore, the solution will reportedly enable self-checking of voting results, offering the cryptographic ability to confirm that the recording and aggregation processes for the votes on the blockchain network was carried out in a correct manner. 

Layer X provided an explanation that, via the new system, it reportedly aims to direct its concentration towards electronic voting in local authorities. 

It further claimed that it is putting in resources to reinforce attempts put in handling technical issues, associated with the digital transformation (DX) of numerous administrative services.

Layer X also disclosed its initiative to become a part of the Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture smart council, which looks to turn Tsukuba into a “smart city” and step it into the digital age. 

The global health pandemic has reportedly served as a motivation for numerous nations and local states to build blockchain-powered online voting solutions. Russia had previously conducted experimentations with blockchain-powered e-voting, and has put up the source code for the platform on GitHub.

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