João Barbosa And Pseudonymous Developer Won Coinbase-established Developer Grant

By Robin Wong | January 1, 2021

João Barbosa, along with an unspecified developer, have reportedly been the receiver of the award for Bitcoin Core developer grants – established by top-tier crypto exchange platform Coinbase

Specifically, the award was reportedly granted to João Barbosa and 0xB10C, the alias of the anonymous developer. 

Despite the exact funding sum not disclosed, Coinbase reportedly claimed that both developers will be financially supported to carry out their Bitcoin-related work until the end of 2021, with the payments to be carried out in the form of BTC or USD.

Both candidates demonstrated a consistent history of contributing to Bitcoin Core, and provided the Fund’s advisory board […] with a clear, actionable outline of the projects they intend to work on.” Coinbase reportedly remarked. 

Barbosa’s development work was reportedly financially supported by crypto mining entity Bitmain initially, before his grants were discontinued in an abrupt manner, together with fellow developer Jonas Schnelli.

Barbosa’s development work is reportedly primarily focused on enhancing the Bitcoin Core user experience across Android and iOS mobile devices. He reportedly looks to direct the fund received at building a Bitcoin Core GUI based on the Qt Quick framework.

Coinbase reportedly revealed details to its Crypto Community Fund initially in October this year, as an initiative to support codebase development for Bitcoin Core.

Coinbase has plans to further the scope of the program to cover a wider range of crypto projects in the future, dependent on the final outcome of the first grants.

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