John McAfee’s Ghost Distributed Exchange Now Available

By Tracy Hannes | June 21, 2020

Ghost distributed exchange – built by John McAfee and attracted controversial feedback – has reportedly been made available. 

Specifically, The Ghost distributed exchange is reportedly in connection with McAfee’s privacy project Ghost – a Proof of Stake privacy coin particularly designed to enhance the anonymity in transactions. 

McAfee took to social media to provide clarification, reportedly claimed that Ghost will work as a replacement for the McAfeeDEX distributed exchange. June 22nd is reportedly the expected go-live date for the Ghost main net. 

Ghost has reportedly been in the center of attention a few months now, particularly following McAfee’s revelation of Ghost “copy-pasted” parts of its white paper from PIVX. 

Regardless, McAfee reportedly set to bring PIVX an open-sourced protocol – to court for defamation charges. PIVX reportedly also looks to adopt a zk-SNARKs-based privacy protocol, designed by privacy coin Zcash (ZEC). 

“PIVX is attempting to claim that their source code is Public Domain, but that the description of how it all works (The White Paper) is not. Claiming a product is open source while withholding the documentation is fraud. Pure and simple. I will soon demonstrate that in the courts.” McAfee reportedly stated.

PIVX nonetheless reportedly claimed that it is cleared of all legal actions related to suing, since it is not a legal entity and no one person has ownership of its development. 

McAfee has reportedly been in the “exile” state since last year, because of charges associated with tax-reporting.

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