Justin Sun Makes Twitter Dig at Vitalik Buterin Again

By Warren Hayes | February 13, 2019
Justin Sun Makes Twitter Dig at Vitalik Buterin Again

Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, has taken to Twitter to celebrate that he now has the same number of followers as that of Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin – while also likely riling Buterin at the same time.

On Feb 11, Sun tweeted, “Now we are both 832k. We started six year[s] after you but we always know it is never too late”. Sun only started his Twitter account in August 2017 and has three times less tweets compared to Buterin’s. Buterin began his Twitter account in March 2011.

He is also known as a vocal critic of TRON’s work, calling TRON and EOS “centralized piles of trash” just a few days before Sun’s tweet.

Sun and Buterin are known for their feuding online. Their Twitter spat traces back to early last year when Sun tweeted seven ways he claimed made TRON better than Ethereum. Buterin responded sarcastically, and accused TRON of plagiarising Ethereum’s white paper.

Sun’s exuberant outburst might be spurred by TRON’s steady performance of late. While other major crypto have plummeted in recent months, TRON has bucked the trend by gaining in value since November last year.

NewsBTC credits two main factors to TRON’s growing popularity: its upcoming airdrop for the new BitTorrent Token launching on the TRON blockchain, and a developers conference featuring special guests like former basketballer Kobe Bryant.

Sun has reportedly been preparing next a “secret” Valentine’s Day campaign just for Buterin, which could be Sun’s next attempt to take a jab at him.

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