Justin Sun says TRON will ‘Officially Collaborate’ with Ethereum This Year

By Shannon Wilson | April 10, 2019
Justin Sun says TRON will ‘Officially Collaborate’ with Ethereum This Year

Outspoken TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun have said that “even within this year we will see Tron even collaborate, officially collaborate, with Ethereum”. He was speaking during a podcast show for The Crypto Chick on April 6.

Sun and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin are no strangers to trading barbs on social media about each other’s work and companies. Commenting on Buterin’s latest tweet, Sun said: “competition brings a better product”.

“I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better,” he added.

As recently as February, The Crypto Sight reported that Sun and Buterin’s online feuding had led to Buterin calling TRON “centralized piles of trash”.

During the podcast, Sun also talked about upcoming developments in TRON. One of these is a second layer protocol aimed at enhancing TRON’s scalability, which will greatly reduce operational cost and raise transaction throughput to become 100 times faster. Named Sun Network, it is targeted to be launched in Q2 2019.

In that same quarter, TRON is also aiming to release a “new network with a privacy option” based on Zcash technology.

Meanwhile, a new version of Tether (USDT) designed by Tron was set to be launched on April 9. Sun claims that the Tron-based model stablecoin will allow for faster and cheaper transactions as compared to Tether’s original Bitcoin-based Omni protocol.

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